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Welcome to the Dojo

Longmont Wado-Kai Karate is a traditional Japanese karate school in Longmont, and continues a 30+ year tradition of excellence started by Sensei Hiro Tanabe at Shudokan Karate.

We offer classes for everyone age 3 and up, and the first two classes are free! Want to try a class? Just come to the in comfortable workout clothes and join in. Check the class schedule to find an appropriate class for you!

Want to try it out a little longer? We have a first month discount!

Unlimited classes for your first month – $50 for 12 and under, $75 for 13 and up – and it includes a free uniform!

Matayoshi Kobudo Shinbukai is a traditional Okinawan weapons class that came to this dojo in July of 2019.

We offer classes for everyone age 8 and up and the first two weeks are free. Just come in a black shirt, designs won’t matter, and a pair of sweat pants.

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