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How our classes work

Longmont Wado-kai does not have sessions or seasons.  Our enrollment is always open and new students can join at any time!

Each new student is introduced to karate and its basic techniques at a pace that is right for them.  Then each student progresses through the various belts at their own pace.  If a student attends class twice a week and is diligent in practice they can expect to progress a steady pace toward black belt, but each student will achieve their black belt in their own time.

For a diligent student in the children’s or adult class attending class twice a week, they can expect to be testing for black belt in about 4 years.  this is certainly longer than some karate schools, but there it much to learn, and the black belt test is based on an international standard and overseen by at least 3 qualified Japan Karate Federation examiners.

If a student is elevated to black belt at Longmont Wado-Kai, that rank is recognized internationally by the Japan Karate Federation and all other certified JKF Wado-Kai schools and branches.

Knee High Samurai Pre-karate for 3-5 year-olds

30 minute karate classes for preschoolers

Tuesday and Thursday at 5:10 pm

Knee High Samurai classes are designed to teach our youngest Karateka (karate students) the basic skills needed to be successful in karate as they grow up.  Knee High Samurais learn 8 different skills for each of four belt levels: Discipline, Balance, Fitness, Focus, Teamwork, Memory, Coordination, and Control.  The eight skills increase in difficulty with each new belt.  Knee High Samurais progress from white belt, to white/yellow, to white/blue, to white/green.  Once they have completed all four knee high belts they move up to the children’s karate class.

Kid's Karate Classes for 6 to 12 year olds

60 minute karate classes for children and pre-teens

Beginners – Wednesday & Friday @ 5:00-6:00 pm

Intermediate & Advanced – Tuesday & Thursday @ 5:45-6:45 pm

All Levels – Saturday @ 9:30 am

Children’s classes move to more advanced karate including kata (forms) and sparring.  Children in these classes progress through belt colors leading from white to brown/black on their way to black belt!

Classes for this age group are typically divided into 4 parts – warm-ups, basic karate techniques, kata, and sparring.  Students can mark their progress with stripes on their belts indicating they have learned and understand a new technique or section of kata.

Youth and Adults Classes for 13 and up

90 minute karate classes for teens and adults

All levels – Tuesday and Thursday @ 6:50-8:20 pm, Saturdays @ 10:35-12:05 pm

Teen and adult classes are similar to the kids class, just a little longer – warm-ups, basics, kata, and sparring.  We do sometimes deviate from this pattern for special training, or to learn something new!

Teens and adults work together with all levels and often the more advanced belts integrate with the beginners to help them learn the concepts and get better together.

Teens and adults spend more time working on the details of Wado-Kai karate, including advanced katas, more advanced sparring techniques, and some of the elements of Jujitsu that Wado Karate is based on.

MATAYOSHI KOBUDO Weapons Classes - 8 years and up

Kobudo classes are taught by Sensei Arron Wallace.  Classes are 75 minutes long.

Anyone 8 years and older can learn Kobudo!  Check out the FAQs

Do you need to know karate to participate in kobudo?
No.  Kobudo is its own martial art form.  Many stances, blocks, and hits are interchangeable with karate, though they do have their variations.
What is needed to start kobudo?
Nothing other than a good attitude for learning.  Once you get started you will want to get your own bo and we assist in getting the right bo for you.
What weapons will I learn?
The first weapon taught is the bo.  You will learn sai, tunkua, nunchaku, eku, tinbei, nunti bo, kuwa, sansesukon, and kama.  These weapons also come when you have learned and tested on the previous weapons.
Can I specialize in a specific weapon?
Not in the beginning but yes.  It will be years down the road before you do.
Are there other weapons to learn?
Yes.  Other weapons outside of the Matayoshi Kobudo Shinbukai system are not used for testing.
Are uniforms the same as karate?
Sort of.  The top worn in kobudo is black while the pants are white.
Does kobudo have the same belt system as karate?
No.  Kobudo belt system does not work the same way.
How long does it take to get your first black belt?
That really depends on the student.  On average it will take from 4 to 5 years.  Full time and dedicated students could possibly get it sooner, but being full time isn’t a guarantee that it happens sooner.
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