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Gus Brockmann, sensei

Sensei Gus has been studying and training Wado-Kai karate for over 30 years. During that time his main instructor has been Sensei Hiro Tanabe. In recent years Sensei Gus has continued his education with Sensei David Sasaki and Sensei Bob Nash, and haas attended several international seminars focused on learning and teaching Wado-Kai karate.

Sensei Gus is currently a 4th degree black belt, a 3rd class instructor for JKF Wado-Kai, and is working on becoming a 3rd class examiner. These ranks and certifications are overseen by JKF Wado-Kai in Tokyo, Japan, and are based on international standards of physical skill and understanding of Wado karate.

Sensei Gus has competed internationally with the USA Wado-Kai team, and has attended international tournaments and seminars on several continents.

photo credit – The Darling Bud

Arron Wallace, Sensei

Sensei Wallace has had an affinity towards handheld weapons his entire life. He has trained in hand to hand combat with the US Army, Afghani bo techniques, Japanese bo, and Matayoshi Kobudo Shinbukai. Believing all people should have a chance to enhance their lives through training, he proudly brings MKS to the dojo.

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