6:05-7:05 pm – All ages 8 and up
7:05-8:05 pm – All ages 8 and up
6:05-7:05 pm – All ages 8 and up
7:05-8:05 pm – All ages 8 and up

$49 per month (one class per week) $79 per month (two classes per week) paid on a monthly schedule.

Interested in learning both kobudo and karate? Talk to us about combined rates!

Other related fees

A dojo fee for kobudo of $40 is paid once per year on your anniversary date. Belt ranks in kobudo do not parallel belt ranks in karate. The dojo kobudo fee helps give you discounts on most martial arts equipment from martial arts suppliers ordered through the dojo and belts earned as you advance. It is also used for association fees.

The Okinawan weapons you will learn on your path to black belt are bo, sai, tunkua, and nunchaku.

After one has earned their black belt you will learn, eku, tinbei, nunti, kuwa, sansetsukon, kama, and suruchin.

Bo – 6’ staff
Sai – 3-pointed prong baton
Tunkua – night stick (aka tonfa)
Nunchaku – two section sticks
Eku – oar
Tinbei – shield and sword
Nunti – 7’ staff with a sai on the end
Kuwa – hoe
Sansetukon – 3 section staff
Kama – hand held sickle
Suruchin – weight and chain

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